Stud Poker

In Stud Poker, players compete against the casino, not against each other. Each player gets 5 cards and the dealer gets another 5, and the best combination is the one that wins. Players place their original bet at the “Ante” mark and they can bet an additional “Bonus”. All cards are dealt face down, but the fifth (dealer’s only) is dealt face up. Players can then bet or fold. Once they have made a bet, they place their cards in the Bet position and place a double bet on the original bet. The smallest combination the dealer can have in an opening is Ace with a King. If hr has no opening, he declares No Hand and pays all Ante bets evenly. If he has an opening, then the players’ cards are opened. Players who have lower value cards lose all their bets (Ante & Bet). Those with higher value papers are paid an equal amount for Ante. Bet is paid at the same rate. Bonus bets are won and paid depending on the player’s card combination.
The combinations are:

Royal Flush

Pays 100 to 1

Straight Flush

Pays 50 to 1

Four of a Kind

Pays 20 to 1

Full House

Pays 7 to 1


Pays 5 to 1


Pays 4 to 1

Three of a Kind

Pays 3 to 1

Two Pairs

Pays 2 to 1

One Pair

Pays 1 to 1

Ace King

Pays 1 to 1

Bonus Bet

This is an entirely separate bet, with a cost of 1€ per bet. By playing the bonus bet, you will get paid if you get a hand with a Flush classification or higher, regardless if the
Dealer opens a card or not.

Royal flush pays 7.500 €
Straight flush pays 750 €
Four of a Kind pays 350 €
Full House pays 150 €
Flush pays 100

The minimum & maximum bets at Poker at THE LYNX CASINO FLORINA are as follows:
CSP min 5 € max 250 €

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